Nairobi Fashions’ men and Women’s Bags in Kenya

The most loved thing in a lady’s storeroom is the bag! A lady bag is the place you discover all her cosmetics items, keys, umbrella, wallets and now and again a sweater for the crisp nights. We need you to step out with an exquisite look that blends well with your brand and identity. From Toofn satchels in numerous types to PU calfskin in various colors, Nairobi Fashions is the home of all bags.

We Have a Women Bag for Any Occasion

Toofn totes offer a corporate and expert look that will best suit you in your work environment while Retro Engraving purse will give you a progressively laid-back and casual look.

Retro Weaving satchel is the best fit for every one of your catwalks and you are probably going to cherish the luxury feel. You can likewise consider getting a grasp for the majority of your night out with sweethearts around the local area while a lady wallet will add 70’s vibe to your daytime configuration outfit.

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